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Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior wicket

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So, extensibility hooks were introduced in later CMS versions, allowing you to ignore boilerplate code and focus on the actual feature you're trying to implement in your Add and/or Rename dialog. We'd like to restrict those names to a predefined list of allowed names.

By extending now from the new protected org.hippoecm.frontend.dialog. Dialog new Rename Document Dialog( org.hippoecm.frontend.plugins.standardworkflow. Rename Document Arguments rename Document Model, org.hippoecm.addon.workflow. Dialog new Add Document Dialog( org.hippoecm.frontend.plugins.standardworkflow. This rule should be applied when the user creates a new folder or renames an existing one.

- last but not least, the Wicket mailing list is incredibly responsive and instructive.

If needed, one can easily drop a question and get an answer really fast.

When a user fills an input, an AJAX callback to the server will be done to validate that input.

In case of a validation error, the reported errors will appear next to that input.

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This has the drawback that in order to override the dialogs, you need to actually make a copy of the whole plugin class; there's not even any use in extending from the plugin. Set In this example, we want to restrict the user regarding the naming of folders.There are many cases where a developer needs to change the dialogs that are shown to the end-user when he's creating a new document or folder, or renaming an existing one.In the default CMS installation those dialogs provide for setting many properties, like the name of the document, the url, and if this is a new and translated folder, then also the locale to use.As a Wicket developer, you should think in terms of building reusable components that are stateful, instead of building controllers that handle request/response objects and worrying about multithreading issues.Instead of creating a controller or action class, you create a page, place components on it, and define how each component reacts to user input.This way, it will be easy to control the extra markup needed to show the input related validation errors. This bean encapsulates all the data that is requested to a new user.