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Dating pewter spoons

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Beginning in 1804 and ending in 1873, this Hartford, Connecticut based family created the largest and longest-running pewter making business in the early history of the United States. A disk or flange-shaped extension at the top of a candlestick nozzle used to catch and retain the candle wax drippings. A volatile, turpentine-derived liquid fuel used for lighting.

Most are cast with the nozzle but some are a separate casting and are removable. An English trade description for a lead-free pewter alloy containing antimony and copper. Camphene lamps are distinguished from whale oil lamps by their longer, tapered burners without air slots.

The absence of an official dating system makes it difficult to date silver plated wares.

An approximate date can be determined by examining: - the style of the object - the presence or absence of the crown (before or after c. Dixon & Sons Dobson & Sons Eley family Elkington & Co Emes family Fattorini & Sons Fox family Garrard & Co S.

Rolled dough dropped from a spoon to a cookie sheet can be made into rock cakes and other cookies, while johnnycake may be prepared by dropping spoonfuls of cornmeal onto a hot greased griddle.

Present day spoons are made from metal (notably flat silver or silverware, plated or solid), wood, porcelain or plastic.Many more English spoons can be found through the Portable Antiquities Scheme's Finds Database.This glossary contains terms that apply to American pewter and to British pewter that was imported into this country from the late 17th century to the first quarter of the 19th century.Spoons are used primarily for eating liquid or semi-liquid foods, such as soup, stew or ice cream, and very small or powdery solid items which cannot be easily lifted with a fork, such as rice, sugar, cereals and green peas.In Southeast Asia, spoons are the primary utensil used for eating; forks are used to push foods such as rice onto the spoon as well as their western usage for piercing the food.Spoons of any metal are relatively uncommon before this date.