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Since the 1996 Atlanta Games, extensive studies and research have taken place examining the effets of heat and humidity on horses taking part in equestrian events.

The world’s experts have poured over the subject and the success of all the measures in place and the knowledge at hand for the 2008 Olympic Games proved invaluable.

Until 1948, only men competed in the events, as the riders had to be officers.

It also provided a basis to compare training standards between the calvalries of different countries.

Although women had been allowed to ride in equestrian events since 1952, it wasn't until Helena du Pont competed for the United States at the 1964 Tokyo Games that Eventing saw its first woman representing her country.

Imagine competing against your boyfriend for an Olympic gold medal.

Able to advise one another in competition, Tiffany and Kent also share something else: the will to win, even if that means beating one another in the ring.