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Foster last dated “House of Cards” actress Robin Wright, but they broke off their engagement twice, for the final time in August 2015.

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There are two things that bother me about this: The first is that this guy barely knew me (we had met through Tinder and gone on two dates), he wasn't emotionally invested and still, couldn't bother himself to politely call it off.The second is that I am more or less desensitized to this behavior because I've come to expect it (and have dished it out a time or two, I'll admit).Notes apartments as identify the area covered by images and the digital mechanisms that allow for a shopping.

It's always been cool not to care, but I'd venture to call our current attitude something like acutely blasé.

I certainly won't look as lovely or feminine as my girlfriends who will no doubt be sporting a strappy sandal or a bit of a heel when the temps finally rise—but hot damn I'll be comfortable.

Since then, I've joined Tinder, quit Tinder, joined it again—and dated more than I have in years.

One thing about mothers, they usually know us better than we think we know ourselves.

Our fears, our doubts and the vast potential we occasionally hide from.