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You're accessing so many items without null checks that it could be any number of things. Are you sure all of the controls exist in the cells you're specifying?

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So when you click button submit, the program shows the form with previous data first and then, saves 'new' data. I want to update the node values but the above code seems to be incorrect. UPDATE: My question is somewhat similar to this Updating a XML file using PHP but here, I'm loading the XML from an external file and also I'm updating an element, not an attribute. Also, as Ward Muylaert pointed out, you need to save the file.Also I have used your class in the past and it worked fine.I couldn't have added the twitter feed nearly as easily without this code. Unlike element nodes, attribute nodes have text values.

Keep in mind that although you can edit XML with Simple XML, there are limitations.

Now before appending this, I would like to check for an existing element "item" that has the same attribute id value.

And if it does it should update that element with these new data.

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So far you have learnt how to put information into your My SQL database, view the information in it and select which information you would like to view.